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DHEC: South Carolina Receives CDC Grant to Prevent and Control Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease


October 2, 2014

South Carolina Receives CDC Grant to Prevent and Control Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease

COLUMBIA, S.C. -The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has awarded a $3.52 million grant to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) to support the implementation of cross-cutting approaches to promote health and prevent and control chronic diseases and risk factors that are linked to obesity.

The funding focuses on healthy eating and active living, diabetes, and heart disease prevention-- key components to reducing the rate of obesity in South Carolina.

"Obesity kills the most people in South Carolina, makes the most people sick, and if prevented would save the most money in healthcare costs," said DHEC Director Catherine Templeton. "We want to give the people of this state the tools to live their lives healthier, better, and longer."

"The programs supported by this funding will have a direct impact on the lives of South Carolinians across the state, leading to healthier choices and longer life expectancies. Educating individuals of all ages on the benefits of making healthy lifestyle decisions is essential to changing habits and decreasing the prevalence of chronic and preventable diseases, which if prevented would help reduce the rate of obesity in South Carolina. By focusing on evidence based programs, we are taking an active approach to curb the rate of obesity, creating a brighter future for generations to come."

Working to promote healthier choices and increase healthy food access, the funds supplement work currently underway through the state's first-ever Obesity Action Plan, Unveiled last week, is a collaborative effort to reduce the rate of obesity statewide, focusing on 12 and 24 month action items in four major categories: Communities, Worksites, Healthcare, and Schools/Childcare.

The initiatives supported by the grant align with the action plan's over-arching goals to:

  • Increase access to healthier foods in local communities.
  • Strengthen community promotion of physical activity.
  • Develop/ implement transportation and community plans that promote walking.
  • Work with partners and local organizations to build support for lifestyle change.
  • Increase electronic health records adoption and the use of health information technology to improve quality measurement for better patient care.

For more information on the Obesity Action Plan, visit:


Cassandra Harris
Public Information Officer


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