DHEC Procurement Services

The Department of Health and Environmental Control's Procurement Services Division is located at 301 Gervais St., Columbia, S.C. 29201-3073. Procurement Services may be reached at (803) 898-3501 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except for official holidays. Procurement Services' fax number is (803) 898-3505.

Solicitations and Awards

DHEC uses the South Carolina Enterprise Information System (SCEIS) for its purchasing activities, including solicitations and awards. Solicitations and awards for DHEC, and other S.C. agencies and entities using SCEIS, can be found in the Contracting Opportunities area. You will also find South Carolina Business Opportunities (SCBO), which advertises solicitations from all agencies with an expected value of $25,000 or greater.

Purchasing Card Transactions

The SC Comptroller General's Office provides detailed charge card usage reports for all participating state agencies. The Purchasing Card program includes limited-use charge cards issued under a contract between state government and Bank of America. The state-wide monthly reports can be found at: http://www.cg.sc.gov/Pages/monthlychargecardusage.aspx

Procurement Advertisements

Procurement-related advertisements which exceed the SCBO space limitations (see "Solicitations & Awards" above) will be posted below.

Files Date Added Description
Intent to Sole Source February 12, 2020 DHEC is seeking qualified vendors to provide one (1) ThermoFisher iCAP 7400 Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP)-Optical Emission Spectronomy (OES) DUO Full Mass Flow Controller (MFC) (North America) instrument
Intent to Sole Source February 10, 2020 DHEC is seeking qualified vendors to provide 30 additional communication points and annual support and maintenance for one year for our existing Rhapsody Health subscription.
Intent to Sole Source February 7, 2020 DHEC is intending to increase the total value of its existing contract with Groupware Technologies, Inc.  This increase is necessary to supplement the annual license, annual maintenance and support, and required enhancements to business intelligence availed in Provide Enterprise for the increased amount of participants to date.
Intent to Sole Source January 2, 2020 DHEC is seeking qualified vendors to provide a Bentley SomaCount™ FC Model 12300-M manual somatic cell count instrument for DHEC’s Bureau of Environmental Health Services EQC Laboratories - Food and Dairy Laboratory. Purchase of Model 12300-M includes trade-in of an existing SomaCount 150 instrument purchased in 2001.
Intent to Sole Source December 4, 2019 DHEC is seeking qualified vendors to provide modules for the expansion of Palmetto, the South Carolina Emergency Management Division’s Common Operating Picture Platform. 
Intent to Sole Source December 3, 2019 DHEC is seeking a qualified vendor to provide FitnessGram web-based software site licenses. FitnessGram is a nationwide program, part of the President's Fitness Award Program, and exclusively distributed by US Games. Potential vendors must be currently authorized to distribute FitnessGram Software. 

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