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Broad River Basin

Contact your Broad River Watershed Manager.

S.C. DHEC's Broad River Basin is subdivided into 27 watersheds or hydrologic units within South Carolina, which include the Enoree River Basin, the Tyger River Basin, and the Broad River Basin. The Enoree River Basin is subdivided into 5 watersheds and includes Duncan Creek and Indian Creek. The Tyger River Basin is subdivided into 5 watersheds and includes the Middle Tyger River, the North Tyger River, the South Tyger River, and Fairforest Creek. Both the Enoree and Tyger Rivers drain into the Broad River. The Broad River Basin is subdivided into 17 watersheds and includes Thicketty Creek, the North Pacolet River, the South Pacolet River, the Pacolet River, Lawsons Fork Creek, the Sandy River, the Little River, and Cedar Creek.

For basin descriptions, facts, figures, and detailed maps download the complete Broad Watershed Water Quality Assessment document or click on a specific watershed below. To learn more about the factors included in the Broad Watershed document, download the Factors Assessed in Watershed Evaluations.

Broad River - 03050105, 03050106, Tyger River - 03050107, Enoree River - 03050108

Broad River Basin Broad River Tyger River Enoree River

Archived Watershed Water Quality Assessments