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CSXT Bramlette Road Site (a/k/a Duke Power Manufactured Gas Plant)


The CSXT Bramlette Road Site (Site) consists of five parcels in Greenville, South Carolina, including the former location of a Duke Power Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP), which covers 3.69 acres and is located at 400 South Bramlette Road, and a seven-acre unpermitted construction and demolition debris landfill (a/k/a Vaughn Landfill) downgradient of the former MGP property. The current owner of the landfill, the MGP, and other three parcels is CSX Transportation, Inc. (CSXT).

In 1917, Southern Public Utilities originally developed the manufactured gas plant. Ownership of the MGP transferred to Duke Power Company in 1939. The plant ceased operation in 1951 and the above-ground structures were demolished in the late 1950s. In 1997, Duke Power Company changed its name to Duke Energy Corporation, in September 2006, converted to Duke Power Company, LLC, and in October of 2006, changed its name to Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC. (hereinafter generally referred to as "Duke")

Manufactured gas was the predecessor to natural gas and was used to provide gas for lighting, heating, and cooking for the City of Greenville. The Duke Power MGP produced gas using the coal gasification process. This process resulted in the creation of a tar-like waste material that was often discharged to nearby ditches or surface water bodies. Coal tar waste from the Duke Power MGP was discharged into several ditches and eventually migrated across Bramlette Road to a property where, in 1988, an unpermitted landfill was located on the property 800 feet west of the intersection of Bramlette Road and West Washington Street, on the south side of Bramlette Road. The landfill is approximately six feet in depth and covers approximately seven acres. Waste from the MGP is present beneath the landfill.


Duke conducted several investigations to assess the nature and extent of contamination at the Site. In 2002, Duke removed 61,000 tons of material from the former MGP property and replaced it with clean soil. Soil was excavated to a depth of three to six feet across the majority of the former MGP property.

Voluntary Cleanup Contract

On July 29, 2016, Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC (Duke) entered into Voluntary Cleanup Contract 16-5857-RP (VCC) with DHEC. Under the VCC, Duke will conduct an environment investigation of the Site and will evaluate alternatives for addressing the remaining contamination.

Historical Documents

Click here for an Index to the Bureau of Land & Waste Management's Site File number 400801. Below are historical documents relating to the previous investigations of the Site. These documents include work plans, investigation activities, remedial action plans, and other key documents. If you are interested in documents that appear on the Index but are not listed below, please contact the Department.

Date Docket # Description
10-01-1994 A1 Workplan: Soil Sediment & Groundwater Sampling
08-01-1995 A2 Workplan: Site Investigation and Monitoring Well Installations
08-17-1996 A3 Site Investigation: Soil Sediment & Groundwater Sampling
09-03-1996 A4 Site Investigation—Phase II
03-21-1997 A5 Workplan--Phase III
06-30-2000 A7 Investigation & Site Assessment Report—Phase III, Volume 1
06-30-2000 A8 Investigation & Site Assessment Report—Phase III, Volume 2
09-14-2000 A9 Remedial Action Plan
06-09-2003 A14 Remedial Action Plan Final Report—Volume 2
06-09-2003 A13 Remedial Action Plan Final Report—Volume 1
01-16-2009 A28 Groundwater Continuous Action Plan
03-04-2010 A31 Corrective Action Plan
06-10-2010 14 Groundwater Monitoring Report
08-01-2016 17 Executed VCC 16-5857-RP
09-19-2016 20 Notice of Community Meeting 10-4-16

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