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DHEC has a new number for appointments at local health departments.
Please call 1-855-4-SCDHEC (1-855-472-3432).

Do’s and Don’ts Concerning SCRIPTS

  • Do use the SCRIPTS report as a tool only. Remember that it is unconfirmed, raw data.

  • Do discuss the reports with your patients.

  • Do have delegates register and use their own account.

  • Do refer a patient to PMP administration (803-896-0688) to request a copy of their own PMP report.

  • Do contact the dispenser (pharmacy or dispensing practitioner) to verify information on the SCRIPTS report.

  • Don't query anyone except your own patients.

  • Don't share your account information or password.

  • Don't share reports with other prescribers or pharmacists; instead discuss the report with them if they are involved in the patient's care.

Call PMP administration at 803-896-0688 for assistance.