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2017-18 Dam Inspection Schedule

General Information 

DHEC has contracted with CDM Smith, an engineering consulting firm, to perform 2,000 dam inspections all over South Carolina. These inspections will start February 27, 2017, and continue for approximately 18 months. The inspection schedule is provided below. CDM Smith's inspection teams are comprised of engineers and technicians with expert knowledge of dams. CDM Smith is an authorized agent of DHEC for the purpose of these inspections, and therefore these inspections are DHEC inspections.

Information for Dam Owners

  1. DHEC will attempt to post the exact inspection date on this webpage two weeks in advance of the inspection, but unforeseen circumstances and/or a faster or slower rate of inspection makes this date difficult to forecast very far in advance. 
  2. Dam owners must be prepared for the date of inspection to change, although DHEC and CDM Smith will make every effort to abide by the published schedule.
  3. The inspection week can be estimated much further in advance, and therefore is provided for several months out in the table below.
  4. Dam owners please take note: Due to the enormity of the project and the complex logistics involved, DHEC has instructed CDM Smith NOT to coordinate inspection dates and times with dam owners.
  5. You are welcome and encouraged to be present and participate in the inspection of your dam, but if you cannot be present on the predetermined date, it is recommended that you have a representative attend in your place.
  6. The inspection teams will attempt to contact dam owners the day before the scheduled inspection.  While we have many phone numbers for dam owners, if you have a preferred contact number for the inspection team to use, please provide this information via the e-mail address provided below.
  7. Any gates or other methods of accessing the dam should be open for the day of the inspection; however, please be advised that inspection teams are authorized under state law to enter private property for the purpose of inspecting dams (see DHEC's Inspection Authority below).
  8. Following the inspection, you will receive a report from DHEC of the inspection team's findings and possibly requirements from DHEC for necessary remedial actions.

DHEC's Inspection Authority

SC Code of Laws
Title 49 - Waters, Water Resources and Drainage
Chapter 11 - Dams
Article 3 - Dams and Reservoirs Safety Act

SECTION 49-11-240. Authority of department to inspect and enter on lands and waterways; regulations.
(A) The department or its authorized agents may inspect the dam or reservoir and surrounding area to determine the safety of the structure.
(B) An authorized member, agency, or representative of the department may enter state or private lands and natural or artificial waterways in the State to discharge the duties set forth in this article.

The full text of the SC Dams and Reservoirs Safety Act is available at:


Should you have any questions about DHEC's 2017-2018 Dams Inspection Effort, please e-mail

Inspection Schedule

The inspection schedule can be searched using your browser's search function. If dam name or dam number are known, enter it into the search box to find the inspection date of your dam.